A single file migrates an entire schedule. Values get translated with zero modifications. No manual changes means no human error. Simple and safe.


Monitor and manage multiple schedules on a single node and across your network. View the entire schedule in a single pane of glass. 



Automatically migrate configurations. The current status of a job is replicated instantly with a TMF file. Recover a schedule from point of failure with 2 simple commands. 

“MultiBatch has reduced our HPE NonStop batch runtime by up to 6 hours per day”. Barclays
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DR Built In 

Faster system reloads and system recovery provided by MultiBatch v9.5 improves your Disaster Recovery SLA's.

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No JCL Required

A simple interface means there is no complex technical NonStop expertise to operate MultiBatch.

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Pre Flight Check

Confirm that scheduling and dependancies are configured correctly with MultiBatch's unique "Prepare" facility. 

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Improved EMS

Unique, fully tokenised events in MultiBatch can be monitored in any Enterprise viewer.

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Predictive Horizon

Integrity is protected with the introduction of Stepview, providing detailed trends of daily jobs. CRONTAB scheduling available in v9.5.